Children Centre History

NPC (CITAM) Children Centre was founded in 1995 by Pastor Dennis White as a rescue and rehabilitation centre for street children. This was first launched in 1993 as a feeding program at CITAM Valley Road which was then upgraded to a rehabilitation centre to cater for the needs of street children beyond daily food and bathing. Particularly, these children were destitute as their lives revolved around the streets where they faced danger, abuse, crime, stigma and disease. They were addicted to drugs especially glue and often suffered child labour. It was envisioned that giving them food and a shower was not enough to help them lead meaningful lives. They were thus relocated to a safe haven away from the city.

By May 2015, the Centre had 85 children (41 boys and 44 girls) under rehabilitation at the centre, 37 in fully sponsored in public primary boarding schools, 48 in public boarding schools, 8 in technical institutions and 5 in university. The centre has the facility capacity of 192 children but the admission is highly limited by the operational costs especially food and fees

Provisions for children include: three well balanced but inexpensive hot meals every day with two snacks in between; Bibles and Bible study materials; uniforms for school, home and sports; Sunday best outfits, pyjamas, beds and bedding; shoes; sports equipment; indoor games; stationery, text books and story books.


some of the girls at the centre pose for a photograph


Smiles full of hope for a great future from some of the boys at the centre.


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