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60 Days of Prayer and Fasting Update

To thank God for what He has done in 60 years and to rededicate ourselves to God, we planned to have 60 days of prayer and fasting in two sessions of 40 days in January to February and 20 days in July. We are returning to God and refocusing for the future. The 40 days of prayer and fasting culminated in a successful and powerful Solemn Assembly at CITAM Valley Road on Saturday, 23rd February 2019 from 6:00am. We praise God for the 20 days of prayer and fasting, which ended with a solemn assembly on 21st July 2019.

We are glad that congregants woke up early charged to pray and break the fast together in our assemblies. It was a glorious moment to see God’s people seeking His face and praying fervently. We thank God for an overwhelming response from our members who took time for individual and corporate times of prayers at their assemblies. The impact of this has been evident not only in the breakthroughs experienced by various individuals, but also in the growth in the discipline of prayer and greater commitment to ministry at our assemblies.