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Bishop Emeritus David Oginde Prays for the Country

Bishop Emeritus David Oginde was among the clergy men who prayed for the nation during the 19th National Prayer Breakfast held on Thursday, 26th May 2022 at Safari Park Hotel. Addressing the nation before saying the prayers, he noted that the elections bring a great sense of anxiety, fear and uncertainty.

“We are anxious because we have made elections a do or die affair, in which everyone of us believes his/her candidates are the best, the most legitimate, and therefore must win,” Bishop Oginde asserted. “Our candidates stir up our emotions and raise our hopes.”

He pointed out that the preparation for elections in Kenya is big; like one made before a war. “The government mobilises all its resources, the businesses slowdown in preparation for the worst, citizens stock up food and other basic necessities in readiness for difficult times ahead, some people relocate from areas they consider to be hotspots, and some of the members of international community move back to their countries,” Bishop sadly noted. He however, challenged Kenyans that it does not have to be that. “We can go through political leadership transitions peacefully,” he advised.

He encouraged Kenyans to lift up their eyes to God from where our help comes from. “God has a good plan for our country,” he said. “ I call upon everyone of us, great and small,  let us turn to God in sincerity and let us see what God can do for our country.”