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HOPE FM and TV Feted

Hope FM / Hope TV won several awards in the in the recently concluded Communications Authority – Kuza Broadcasting Awards 2021 that happened in a colourful ceremony held on Friday 21st May 2021.

Hope FM gladly scooped three awards:

  1. Copyright Award for HOPE FM
  2. Compliance Award for HOPE FM
  3. Mzalendo Mkuu Award for HOPE FM

Hope TV delightedly was awarded with two accolades:

  1. Copyright Award for HOPE TV
  2. Compliance Award for HOPE TV


The awards is a big step in demonstrating the importance of compliance and leading the way in that front. Congratulations Hope FM and Hope TV.

When receiving the coveted awards, Sir Henry Mahugu, Head of Media, was elated and appreciated the support they received from listeners, viewers and CITAM family. “We would like to thank the listeners, viewers and the entire CITAM for supporting us and please join us in celebrating this,” Henry said.