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Safari Engage 2 Kicks off

All CITAM assemblies have kicked off Safari Engage 2. Safari will run on both in-person and online for 7 weeks. Similarly, it will also be on CITAM Broadcast Service (CBS).

Congregants can log in online and access the learning materials by creating a personal Safari account on: thesafari.app

In Safari Engage 2 we will find out out how we can influence the 7 great social spheres/mountains of mankind for God’s kingdom. The spheres are: 1. Government & Politics 2. Arts & Entertainment 3. Marriage & Family 4. Religion & Philosophy 5. Education & Learning 6. Business & Economics and 7. Media & Communications  #OntheJourney

The Safari is a comprehensive discipleship program designed for all those who thirst after righteousness to embark on a journey of personal growth and transformation in their walk with the Lord. The Safari is an ‘Intentional Discipleship Program’ involving the whole spectrum of the Church: children, teens, youth and adults. This program provides a structured mutual accountability and support system and demands steadfast commitment.

The Safari discipleship journey consists of 5 Steps or Stages: Enter, Encounter, Embrace, Enlist, and Engage. Each of these stages directs us to a specific call to obey God in the journey of faith. The lessons are designed to be interactive and are to be covered within 60 to 90 minutes depending on the time schedules either in the church services or special Safari sessions (cohorts).