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The Safari old

The Safari is our 5 steps discipleship program that aims to transform and teach believers






Why the Safari

A new challenge that began to fester towards the end of the 20th century and that has come to full matriculation in the 21st century is terrorism. Soon after the Westgate Mall terrorist attack, R. A. Massie-Blomfield wrote in the Sunday Nation, on 13th October2013, p.14: “There is understandable concern about the radicalization of Muslim. Read more

The How of the Safari

The Safari is executed in a comprehensive process through five levels of discipleship. For ease of recollection the acronym ISCAW will be used:

  • Individual Level
  • Small Group Level
  • Congregation Level
  • Affinity Groups Level
  • Whole Church Level

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The Safari Components

The Safari ComponentUnlike the regular discipleship programs, the Safari entails a five step pathway and a five step pathway and the Service Centre.

The to 5 step pathway seeks to equip every individual believer to Know, Grow, Bond, Serve and Minister;While being empowered Consistently through the other church programs and regular services read more